Who uses OpenESB

OpenESB is use in many domains (Finance, bank, logistic, Telco, retail, governmental organisation, insurances) all around the word for departmental to enterprise, tactic to strategic projects. OpenESB users IT teams spent hundreds of thousand men days on development and provide their companies with reliable SOA or Integration applications with the cheapest TCO on the ESB market.

OpenESB is very simple

Paul Perez from Pymma write a step by step tutorial to fix and build OpenESB core and components. This guide can help you to test your component improvements and propose them to the Community. The tutorial propose a simple process only based on Netbeans. The paper can be downloaded here

OpenESB is scalable and powerful

Simon STEINMETZ from Ineat writes a very shapel and complete paper on OpenESB monitoring with Opsview. If you are a newby on OpenESb you can find simple but complete videos made by Hubertdtu on Youtube.

OpenESB is easy to use

OpenESB offers a set of graphical tools to ease the development of your application integration. Architects an developers can design XML Schema, WSDL, BPEL and application composition with OpenESB graphical tools